What we believe

What we believe

All Saints as a church exists for two basic reasons: to worship God and to serve our village. We gather to pray and worship, to draw near to God that God might polish the tarnish off our fragile lives and restore his image in us.

As Christians we don’t claim to have all the answers but in our faith we’ve found a framework and friendship with God which is beginning to make sense of friendship and life as we experience it. Christians talk about God as a mystery – not a puzzle to be solved, but a relationship to be entered into and an experience to be lived.

We believe in one God who exists in three persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit – this is what we call the ‘Trinity’.

We believe in God as the creator of all that there is.

We believe that Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, is the incarnate Son of God. In the incarnation, God became ‘flesh’ (born as a human being) and lived amongst us – we celebrate this at Christmas.

We believe that humankind was created to enjoy a relationship with God, but, because of sin that relationship has been damaged and broken. God has reached out in love to restore that relationship by sending his Son Jesus. Both fully god and fully human, Jesus came to live among us. He died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. He rose from the dead two days later, defeating death and sin – we celebrate this at Easter.

We believe that Jesus returned to his Father in heaven and will one day come again – we celebrate this on Ascension Day.

We believe that God sent his Holy Spirit to inspire and fill the lives of the first followers of Jesus. He gave them power to live boldly as Jesus’ disciples in the world – we celebrate this at Pentecost.
We believe that the Holy Spirit fills his followers today with that same power.

We hope to be a community where people are encouraged to meet God and respond in appropriate ways. We want to foster mature disciples who live out their faith day to day.